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Land Surveyor · Town Planner

Land Surveyor · Town Planner

Land Surveyor · Town PlannerLand Surveyor · Town Planner


Land Surveying

Environmental Planning

Land Surveying

Cairns land surveyor, land surveying company, property survey, boundary survey, consultant

 From a simple boundary identification survey to a large estate subdivision, or from a small house set out, to a major construction project, we undertake all aspects of land surveying to meet your requirements, based in Cairns, Queensland. 

Town Planning

Environmental Planning

Land Surveying

Cairns town planner. planning company, consultant, urban planner

Ask us how we can assist with town planning, and guide you through the process of  obtaining your development approval under the Cairns town planning scheme, or surrounding local authorities' town planning scheme.

Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning

environmental planning consultant cairns

Let us simplify the complexity of acquiring your  environmental authority, in the residential, industrial, mining or agricultural sector. 

Land Surveying in Cairns and surrounding region


Property Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Identification Surveys

 Cadastral surveying, the marking of land boundaries, is as old as civilisation itself.

Terminus, the Roman God of boundaries, was the protector of the limits of both private property and of the public territory of Rome. He was represented by a stone (termini), set in the ground, following a religious ceremony.   A fire was made in a hole in the ground in which to receive the stone. The stone was anointed with the blood of a sacrifice, and incense, fruits, honey and wine.  The body of the sacrifice was burned in the hole, into which the stone was set.  Any person who thereafter disturbed the stone was punished by death, although in later times the punishment was reduced to a fine. 

Each year, at the festival of Terminalia, on 23 February,  neighbours would gather at the boundary stone, and each would crown it with garlands. An altar was set up and offerings of cakes, corn, honey and wine were made (later, a lamb or a sucking pig was sacrificed). The proceedings closed with songs to Terminus and a general merrymaking, in which all the members of the family and the servants took part. A similar festival was also held at the old boundary of the Roman territory between the fifth and sixth milestones on the road to Laurentum.

A stone had been dedicated to Terminus on the Capitoline hill by Titus Tatius, and later, when Tarquinius Superbus wanted to build a temple to Jupiter at that site, the existing shrines needed to be moved to dedicate the new temple exclusively to Jupiter.  The Terminus stone could not be moved, and so it was enclosed within the walls of the new temple, and a hole left in the roof so that Terminus could be open to the sky.  This was an indication of the immovability of such stones and of the permanence of the Roman territory, and hence the inscription on later monuments to Terminus; “Cedo Nulli”, “I yield to no one”.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys produce maps showing contours, natural and artificial features, and vegetation on land for development applications, architectural design, engineering services design and property resource management plans.

Engineering Surveys

Engineering surveying in the cairns region includes setting out buildings and structures, controlling verticality of multi storey buildings, and certifying the setting out as required by Queensland legislation.

Setting out roads, storm water and sewerage infrastructure and other engineering services, and locating the as-constructed positions of newly installed services for comparison with design specifications, and preparing as-constructed plans for certification be engineers and approval by the local authority.

Monitoring structures for deformation or movement over a period of time and providing monitoring reports for structural engineers.

Geodetic Surveys

Connecting to the national geodetic survey network and providing co-ordinates on Map Grid Australia datum (MGA), and levels on Australian Height Datum (AHD).

Town Planning, Urban Design - Cairns and Surrounding Region

Town planner Cairns, urban planner Cairns, Town planning consultant Cairns, Town planning company

Sitting in the shade

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago.” 

Warren Buffett  

Development Approval

We will prepare your development application and control the whole process from initial feasibility study, the conceptual design, preparing and submitting the application through to gaining your development approval


We work closely with the other members of the professional development team and the utility providers, to get it right, first time.

We will negotiate with council planners and engineers for acceptable conditions of approval, and achieve the optimal outcome for your development project.

Classical Wisdom

“By far the greatest and most admirable form of wisdom is that needed to plan and beautify cities and human communities.” Socrates

Urban Design

We will apply best practice urban design and incorporate low impact design principles to achieve high quality, productive, liveable and sustainable places.

Our aim is to take the lead in achieving comfortable, vibrant, safe, walkable neighbourhoods, whilst maintaining a healthy and bio-diverse natural environment.

Healthy Environment - Healthy Economy

“The smallest patch of green to arrest the monotony of asphalt is as important to the value of real estate as streets, sewers and convenient shopping.”  James Felt  

Planning Advice, Feasibility and Due Diligence

We can advise on town planning and urban development matters.  We can undertake initial investigations and provide advice on the development potential of your site.

 We can undertake detailed due diligence reports.  We will investigate planning controls and determine any land use issues.  We will establish the history of the site, assess any future changes to the land use zoning of the site, and evaluate the future development opportunities.